How we Serve

How We Serve

Jordan & Associates Retirement Services designs tax-qualified retirement plans to meet the specific contribution and benefit needs of the businesses we serve. Before we design a plan for you, our thorough assessment will include consideration of the compensation and ages of owners and employees, employee group size, desired retirement benefits, business profitability and your business philosophy with respect to employee benefits. We assist with the entire process, from initial consultation to customized plan design and ongoing annual plan administration, including all reports and filings required by governing regulations.

We offer technical expertise in everything we do, from the initial client consultation to preparation of plan documents and participant disclosures to qualification of all plans with the IRS.

Our Services Include:

  • Initial and ongoing plan design
  • Administration of both Defined Contribution (DC) and Defined Benefits (DB) plans
  • Actuarial valuation by one of only 4,100 Enrolled Actuaries in the US.
  • Reconciliation of Trust investment activity
  • Preparation of annual filings for IRS and DOL
  • Consultation on all matters regarding qualified retirement plans
  • Participant communication services
  • Participant enrollment meetings
At Jordan & Associates, we believe in personal responsibility. And it is how we will serve you.

Our partnership with Jordan & Associates provides us with local peace of mind. It is reassuring to know that the expertise required to keep our plan in compliance with the minefield of Federal regulations is readily available. We can call or set up an appointment to meet individually with someone who can speak from experience with our plan to get answers to complex questions.

Bob Reynolds —Innovative Business Solutions