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As an employer, you balance providing a competitive retirement plan that will attract talented employees with your need to control costs. Jordan & Associates specializes in the design, installation and administration of all types of qualified retirement plans. We understand this and we partner with you to bring in-depth industry expertise. We thoroughly understand industry regulations, plan design and ERISA fiduciary requirements, as well as administration and compliance requirements across all plan types.

Regardless of whether your business entity is a corporation, an LLC, a sole proprietor or a partnership, there is a qualified retirement plan type available to meet your needs. The qualified plans that we design and support include:

401(k) Profit Sharing

Named for Section 401(k) of the Internal Revenue Code, a 401(k) plan is a Profit Sharing plan with provisions that allow employees to defer their pay on a pretax basis or post-tax (Roth 401(k)) basis, and to have that compensation invested on their behalf. 401(k) plans are ideal for employers who are initiating a plan to offer competitive employee benefits, maximize their own contributions, and who may also wish to make discretionary profit sharing and/or matching contributions.

Solo 401(k) Plans

An individual 401(k) plan without eligible non-owner employees in which assets may be held in a traditional investment environment or in alternative investments. This arrangement may require higher level consulting, plan design and filing services than offered by discount plan providers, but can be supported by Jordan & Associates Retirement Services.

Traditional Defined Benefit Plans

A Defined Benefit plan is a traditional pension plan that guarantees a monthly pension benefit for the life of a participant funded by non-discretionary employer contributions. This type of plan may favor older employees with longer terms of service. Defined Benefit plans can provide employers with much larger contributions than allowed in Defined Contribution plans.

Cash Balance Plans

A Cash Balance plan is a type of Defined Benefit plan. Unlike a traditional Defined Benefit plan, however, a Cash Balance plan provides a “hypothetical” account balance for the participants which accrues interest at a pre-defined rate. This allows participants to have a clearer idea of their retirement benefit.

Hybrid and Combination Plans (including DB/DC Combos, Cross Tested and Age Based)

Hybrid plans combine features of both Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution plans. Though more complex, these type of hybrid arrangements can provide maximum flexibility to allow you to attain your goals through creative plan design.

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)

An ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) is a type of Profit Sharing plan that is invested primarily in the securities of the employer/plan sponsor. Contributions may be made in the form of employer stock or cash. These plans have requirements beyond those of a regular Profit Sharing plan, such as an annual company valuation.

Money Purchase Pension

A Money Purchase plan is a type of pension plan that is increasingly rare due to changes in regulations. It is a Defined Contribution plan that must provide an annual fixed-contribution formula (i.e., the contributions cannot be discretionary).

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